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Curriculum Development

Share the skills and knowledge that you believe our students will need for successful careers in Lincolnshire to help shape our courses.

We believe that involving stakeholders in curriculum design helps to introduce fresh insights into course/module design and implementation.

Stakeholders are seen as key partners and we try to involve as many as possible.

We're keen to work with employers, professionals, charities, government, professional bodies, community and sector representatives.

Curriculum Transformation

Over the last few years, we have been working closely with stakeholders to transform our curriculum. This has been based around several key strategic drivers.

  1. National Policy and Drivers
  2. Economic Partnerships
  3. Environment
  4. Enterprise and Innovation/Work Force Development
  5. Higher Education and Research
  6. Digital Skills - the Fourth Industrial Age
  7. Literacy and Numeracy
  8. Adult Upskilling and Engagement
  9. Schools Engagement
  10. Staff and Student Wellbeing
Curriculum Transformation Event

Get Involved

Would you like to help us shape the curriculum of the future? Help us to understand the needs and demands of your business so that we can train our students with the skills they will need within your industry.

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