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Access to the latest cutting-edge agricultural technologies is available to students, thanks to the Lincolnshire Institute of Technology.

The Lincolnshire Institute of Technology (IoT) specialises in delivering higher-level technical skills.

To improve productivity, reduce skills gaps and support industry growth, the college has launched a £1.2m Centre for Agri-Food Technology.

A collaboration between employers, the college and university level education providers, the IoT is designed not only to future-proof agriculture but also the future careers of our students.

Our focus on crops and animals means that students from across our Agriculture, Animal Sciences, Equine and Environmental Conservation faculties all benefit from the IoT, exploring things such as:

  • Transforming food production and reducing emissions
  • Animal welfare within farming practice
  • The environmental impact of land use
  • Environmental issues within conservation and land management

Centre for Agri-Food Technology

Our Centre for Agri-Food Technology is a hub for the latest agricultural technologies, allowing you to achieve high level technical qualifications. You will experience the most forward-looking techniques and equipment to transform food production and reduce emissions, pollution, waste and soil erosion.

As an IoT student, you will learn the latest techniques and how to leverage equipment, including satellite technology, to achieve the best results with the smallest environmental impact.

Take a tour

You'll be able to explore our Centre for Agri-Food Technology at an Open Event, but in the meantime why not take a 360° virtual tour?

Ben Comins, FdSc Agriculture

“Technology is vital to the farming industry in today’s modern world to improve yields, efficiency and farming business in general.

"I have enjoyed everything about learning at the IoT. Precision agriculture is going to be essential to the future of agriculture and for my career."

Alice Hauton Fd Sc Agriculture

Alice Hauton, FdSc Agriculture

"The IoT has improved my practical skills.

"We use the Palintest Soil Testing kit to analyse potassium levels in the soil. The Palintest field kit allows us to test the levels of macronutrients and micronutrients within the soil whilst out on the field. It's great as it gives immediate results like those you’d get in a lab.

"Understanding the nutrient levels within the soil is important as intensive farming can impact soil health and the wider environment. Testing means we can make sure the soil is as healthy as possible and not over-farmed."

Angus Bean Fd Sc Agriculture

Angus Bean, FdSc Agriculture

"The IoT has enhanced my learning and my practical skills.

"We use a GPS and Trimble system to control the amount of nitrogen fertiliser we apply across the fields. This provides a higher level of accuracy in the application of fertiliser, which is important as it reduces the amount of fertiliser being used.

"The production of nitrogen fertiliser uses large amounts of natural gas and energy, therefore being sensitive to the treatment of the land with GPS and Trimble technologies helps us to farm in a way that maximises crop production without being detrimental to the environment."

Joshua Inglis Fd Sc Agriculture

Joshua Inglis, FdSc Agriculture

“The IoT has future-proofed my career in farming.

"We use the drone to review and survey the spreading of fertiliser across the field. This gives us an aerial view from which we can see the pattern of the spread and monitor how evenly it has been applied.

The drone covers a wide range and significant distances, which would be time-consuming and difficult to manage on foot, whilst also providing a unique and highly valuable perspective. The effective application of fertiliser can improve crop production in an environmentally sustainable way. The drone allows us to check and verify the distribution that is determined by the GPS and Trimble technologies."

Our IoT Courses

Our exciting programme of bespoke higher-level qualifications and free short courses have been designed to allow you to engage with the IoT at any point in your career, whether you're entering the workplace or looking to upskill.

Whichever programme of study you choose, it will be geared around meeting the challenges facing the agricultural industry; leaving you equipped with the skills, knowledge, understanding and hands-on experience of precision agriculture techniques and technologies that will make you highly employable.

Degree Level Courses

College Level Courses

IoT Partners

Education Partners

  • Boston College
  • DN Colleges Group (North Lindsey College)
  • Grantham College
  • Grimsby Institute
  • Lincoln College
  • Lincoln UTC
  • University of Lincoln (Institute of Technology Consortium Led)
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