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Wind turbine East Yorkshire


Sustainability is really important to us at Riseholme College. From small steps to big projects, here are just a few of the things we're doing to become more sustainable...

Solar energy

We have solar panels on our main building, sports centre and our new student accommodation, which have generated 385,000kwh of electricity to date. Within just seven months, the solar panels on our student accommodation alone saved 13,000kg of carbon dioxide, the equivalent to planting 600 trees.

Electric cars

We have begun to replace our older diesel fuelled cars with electric vehicles.

Eco-friendly food packaging

We have switched our disposable food packaging to eco-friendly alternatives.

Electric car charging
Solar panels on accommodation block at Riseholme College

Locally sourced food

To help minimise our carbon footprint, as well as ensuring delicious food, we source locally grown/produced produce for our refectory wherever possible.

Green spaces

As well as being nestled in the Lincolnshire countryside, our campuses are as getting greener every day as we continue to be involved with projects such as planting trees for the Queen’s Green Canopy.

Sustainability skills for employment

As a Riseholme student, you will have the opportunity to gain new qualifications in sustainability.

These qualifications, which run alongside our main college-level courses, will enhance your knowledge of key sustainability practices that will be essential for future employment.

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