What can the Student Association do for you?

It represents your voice. It is a social society and a force for good. In addtion, if you’re not happy with something or want to suggest a change, the Student Association's Student Leadership Committee is there for you.

The Student Association can help you:

  • Give back and raise money for charities
  • Make your student experience as fun as it can be
  • Build a range of skills that employers value by being part of the Student Leadership Committee

Check out the Student Association's Facebook page to see details and photos from past events and let us know if you have any ideas. 

You can also contact the Student Association by emailing

Our Student Association is for everyone!

Mix with students from all courses (both FE and HE) and all ages to work together and help make student life exciting and inclusive. 

Student Leadership Committee

The Student Leadership Committee (SLC) adminsters the Student Association. It is made up of students from across both campuses and from different courses - from loud extroverts to the quieter students. We have a diverse student population and we want the SLC to represent everyone. 

Being part of the SLC also helps you gain valuable skills and experience to include on your CV. Whether you are an FE or HE student and have any of the following, we want to hear from you!

  • Enthusuastic?
  • Committed?
  • Ambitious?
  • Dedicated to ensuring student voices are heard?
  • Do you want to gain leadership experience and add to your CV?

The SLC hold a formal meeting on a fortnightly basis to discuss standard agenda items, event ideas and planning, as well as any additional items brought by committee members or wider members of the Student Association (student population). Often, the committee are also asked to vote on important College / student issues. 

For more information about the SLC please to read the below leaflet.

Student Association Handbook

PDF Document (1.8 MB)
Student Association Handbook


At the start of the academic year we recruit a new Student President. All enrolled Bishop Burton and Riseholme students are entitled to apply for this position.

Bishop Burton and Riseholme Colleges will also have a Vice-President appointed. 

The President is responsible: 

  • Representing the student body at official events, such as graduation lunch
  • Reporting formally and informally to the Principal on student issues
  • Liasing with staff over matters affecting students
  • Agreeing and preparing the SLC agenda
  • Chairing the SLC meetings

A job description and further information about our recruitment campaign to find the next Student President as well as details of the other roles that make up the Student Leadership Committee are available via the PDF.

Click on the PDF below to view the Student President job description

Student President Job Description

PDF Document (124 KB)
Students socialising in college grounds

How can you join?

Look out for information about the Student Association and Student Leadership Committee at induction and Freshers’ Week, where you can talk to some of the members and get more information.

If you fancy joining later in the year, visit Student Services for details.

The Students Association is only as good as its members, so get involved and make it better than ever!

Expressions of interest for other SLC roles will be discussed at the first SLC meeting; to which all students will be invited.

Click on the PDF below to view the Student President job description

Student President Job Description

PDF Document (124 KB)

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