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Equality and Diversity

Single Equality Scheme

Equality and diversity isn't a very complicated idea. Diversity means difference and for our community it means having a mixture of people from a variety of walks of life - people of different race, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation and religion or belief. Equality is about fairness and giving everyone a fair chance.

This doesn't mean treating everyone the same but is about recognising that individual needs are met in different ways. Promoting equality and diversity is about recognising and valuing difference. We want everyone to feel confident about coming here to study and to know they will be encouraged and supported to achieve their best. Promoting equality and diversity means:

  • Creating an environment where students feel safe, respected and listened to whatever their background or personal attributes
  • Recognising individual differences, treating everyone fairly and without prejudice
  • Preventing and directly challenging any discrimination, harassment or unfair treatment
  • Identifying areas of inequality of opportunity and putting in place actions to address them.

Celebrating Diversity

All students will experience equality and diversity-themed weeks, where issues are explored to broaden their knowledge and understanding of different aspects of diversity. Aspects of equality and diversity are also identified and discussed within courses.

Our commitment to equality and diversity runs through all aspects of College life. For example, key policies and charters are available in audio format and / or large text. We have a wide range of services for students who may need additional support and clear policies on behaviours, anti-bullying and students' rights and responsibilities.

In this section of the website you will find information as to how the College promotes and reviews progress towards equality and diversity targets and objectives. The information published complies with the specific duty required as part of the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) Regulations 2011.

This information includes:

If you require any further information please call 01964 553000 and ask to speak to the Principal.

Adults Returning to Study

The College is committed to widening access to all our courses. We have many students who are aged over 19 years, who may not have the formal entry requirements but who can bring life skills and experience to their studies. We look at each application individually and place a high value on real life experiences.