Campus Fee

Campus Fee

A Campus Services Fee is payable by all full time students.

We charge all full time students a fee for the services and facilities available on campus including IT technical support, Wi-Fi, and parking.

If you are studying on a 16+ course, all these facilities and services will cost you £70 per year.

Making your payment online

Using our online payment system, you can make the payment quickly and securely online

Here’s what your Campus Fee provides for you:

  • Free Wi-Fi across campus. No 3G or 4G for you!
  • Access to specialist facilities.
  • Extensive student parking facilities. There is not a ticket machine in sight
  • Technical support. And it’ll be more than just advising you to turn it off and then back on again...
  • Laptop loans
  • LRC services including:
    • Inter-library loans (up to 5 per year)
    • Visits to British Library Reading Room

Additional internet resources (degree students only)

  • 24-hour comprehensive security services
  • Access to College-run events

In addition, the fee is used to subsidise:

  • Travel for local trips and visits
  • Catering facilities

Got any questions?

Get more details about our fees and finance options by giving us a call:

Tel. 01964 553000

Fax 01964 553101

Student Services Freephone 0800 731 8281

By email