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FAQs: Support

I received help for dyslexia at school; will this help continue at college?

Yes - in fact we have often been praised for the level and quality of support we give to all our students. Specialist support is available for people with diagnosed additional needs, through to less formal support to help students on every level of course with everything from note taking to working out percentages.

If you would like to discuss support issues in depth with a member of the Study Skills team, then please contact us by making an online enquiry or telephoning 0800 731 82 81.

Time management is not my greatest strength - how will you help me to meet my course commitments?

Your Course Manager is responsible for helping you achieve to the highest possible level.

Regular tutorial sessions take place between you and your Course Manager who will identify any additional help that may be needed from our Study Skills team and will also help you with target setting. A team of staff are dedicated to supporting punctuality and attendance, effective assignment work and enabling academic targets to be met through specialist assessment, support and resource.

How will my parents or guardians be involved with my progress?

We hold formal curriculum update meetings for parents, guardians and carers to discuss progress with the Course Managers in January and February each year.

If there are any issues of concern, Course Managers will make direct contact with parents, guardians and carers of students who are under 18 years of age. We also ask those students that turn 18 to sign an agreement so that we can continue to contact you even though the child in your care is now considered in law to be an adult.

How can I discuss my current and future options for career and course opportunities? What happens if I think I may have chosen the wrong course?

Impartial advice and guidance on careers and courses is provided through a careers advisor, with regular sessions available. Speak to your tutor or Student Services for more details. 

Students have an opportunity to discuss issues such as incorrect course selection both informally with their Course Manager and formally at their tutorials during the first few weeks at college.

What approach does the college take towards substance misuse?

We have a zero tolerance towards drugs and will deal formally and quickly with anyone found involved with drugs. The college is a "no smoking" campus with designated areas for smoking only.

The college has its own licensed bar on campus for over 18 years olds - anyone under the age of 18 years found drinking alcohol will be dealt with according to the college regulations.

What pastoral support do you provide?

The College has a team of Health and Welfare staff, which includes a Chaplain, qualified counsellors, a Health and Welfare Officer and extensive networks for specialist support both on and off site.

Find Out More

Visit our Student Welfare page for more information. Alternatively, get in touch with our Student Services team by emailing enquiries@riseholme.ac.uk or calling 01522 304600.