Agriculture students at Riseholme College are introduced to commercial farming practice from day one.

The emphasis is on developing animal and crop husbandry skills through practical, hands-on activities in real working environments. The College has partnership arrangements with several local farms which provide students with the chance to experience large-scale arable farming practice. Livestock including dairy, beef, sheep, pigs and alternative livestock enterprises are all used to develop the technical and employability skills demanded by the industry.


Agriculture students at Riseholme College benefit from practical work on farms as part of their courses, as well as work experience placements at relevant companies to help build up their experience and knowledge of the industry. 

Students work at the College's Home Farm and, for years, have benefitted from gaining additional experience on nearby Lodge Farm, which is a Frontier Agricultural Demonstration Site. In addition, the College has partnerships with sereval local farms and related businesses across Lincolnshire, including Roy Ward Farms Ltd and Lockwood Estates, which allows students to gain valuable experience.

Students also benefit from working on the 360-hectare Bishop Burton College farm, and are required to provide overalls – available from the online College shop – wellington boots and steel toe-capped boots.

Students are required to provide their own overalls, wellington and steel toe-capped boots.